Experience High-End Audio

I have loved music since almost as early as I can remember. My father worked in the record business all of his life (Columbia Records, then Arista Records, then Atlantic Records). He took me to many, many concerts when I was growing up.

High-end audio became my primary hobby in 1988. I was working in Manhattan, New York, and so I enjoyed visiting the audio salons there. One afternoon, Michael Kay of Lyric Hi-Fi played for me the Infinity IRS V system driven by Jadis JA200s with a Koetsu cartridge on a Goldmund Reference turntable. Listening to Reference Recordings' Symphonie Fantastique on that system was a religious experience of the audio variety! I was hooked!

That year I purchased Magnepans MG-IIIs. They were followed by Martin-Logan Monoliths, and then Martin-Logan Monolith IIIs. Then, for 18 years, I enjoyed Martin-Logan Prodigys. I have been a planar dipole loudspeaker devotee my entire high-end audio life. Before I purchased Magnepans I auditioned Apogee Divas.

Clarisys loudspeakers channel elements of the Apogee design, but with dramatic improvements in sound quality, sensitivity, rigidity and build quality.

I am co-owner of the high-end audio forum WhatsBestForum.com. I interview the top designers in the field for What's Best Forum's Masters & Makers series. I review high-end audio components for Mono & Stereo. I never had any intention of selling a product in this industry.

But Clarisys Audio speaks my loudspeaker love language! Audio Café will be selling only Clarisys Audio loudspeakers and Hegel Music Systems electronics.