Clarisys Audio: Revolutionary Planar Loudspeakers

As a lifelong planar aficionado, here is the key thing to understanding the achievement of Clarisys Audio: people may love the transparency and openness and believability of planar dipole loudspeakers, but there always has been a conscious and explicit compromise regarding dynamic oomph and impact. I love the transparency and openness of Analysis Audio, Magnepans, Martin-Logans, and so on, but I am missing the dynamic oomph and impact of cones and the tonal density of cones in the upper bass to lower midrange region.

The achievement of Clarisys loudspeakers is to vanquish this previously unavoidable sonic compromise. Even the smallest Clarisys, the Minuet, exhibits convincing tonal density and texture in the upper bass to lower midrange region, as well as fully-impactful oomph and dynamics.

For someone who likes the presentation of planar loudspeakers, there no longer needs to be an excuse, a justification, a weighing of advantages and disadvantages or a rationalization for forfeiting dynamics and power in the low frequencies to enjoy planar dipole advantages. The Clarisys loudspeaker design truly does it all!