Creating Believable Music Reproduction

Emotional Engagement with Audio Café

Our Objective: Emotional Musical Engagement

I often use the term "emotionally engaging" in connection with my evaluation of audio components and high-end audio systems.

I understand the approach of audiophiles who break down what they are hearing and evaluate components and audio systems in terms of discrete audiophile sonic attributes such as "detail," "micro-dynamics," "bass slam," "high-frequency extension," "low noise floor" and "black background." I can apply this approach deliberately to evaluate components and audio systems, but it is not the approach that matters to me.

I prefer to evaluate components and audio systems according to how easily and quickly they allow my body and my mind to relax, to wipe my mind clear of forensic audiophile sonic attribute analysis, and to make me laugh and cry in reaction to the music I love. This, to me, is the essence of emotional engagement.

I want to help you connect emotionally to the music you love!